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Monthly Archives: February 2017

What is Carpet Steam Cleaning ?

First of all, before considering carpet steam cleaning tips it may prove beneficial to understand a little bit more about carpet steam cleaning. Therefore, carpet steam cleaning is that cleaning measure in which carpet shampoo is combined with water and generally administered to the carpet through the use of a steam cleaning machine.

Additionally, the steam cleaning machine has moderate to stiff brushes built within which allows for the loosening of any embedded soil that is in the carpet as well as soil that is in the threads of the carpet. Also, an important factor that helps carpet steam cleaning to be effective is through the use of water. Specifically this water should be very hot which better allows the dirt to be removed from the carpet.

Specific Carpet Steam Cleaning Tips

When it comes to specific carpet steam cleaning tips, it is important first of all to test the shampoo on an obscure part of the carpet. This testing will allow for the carpet cleaner to determine whether the shampoo that is to be used does not discolor or damage the carpet before it is used in a place that is more visible.

Another carpet steam cleaning tip that should be accomplished prior to the actual steam cleaning of the carpet is to treat stubborn stains that maybe on the rug. This pre-treatment product is one of the carpet cleaning supplies that the individual should purchase and is applied to the stain and left for a specific period of time, according to the instructions, to help remove the deep stain prior to the entire carpet being shampooed.

An additional carpet steam cleaning tip is to make sure that excessive water is not used. This is because excessive water may cause damage to the carpet. Specifically that damage can be the buckling of the carpet, browning of the carpet or excessive water may cause the adhesive used to keep the carpet in place to be compromised.


DIY Ceramic Floor Tiles

Ceramic floor tiles range in many choices of color, size, texture, and cost. They are not however as expensive as stone or marble. A DIY project can incorporate ceramic floor tiles in a multitude of patterns and in various colors at just a fraction extra cost utilizing simple pattern changes such as simple checkerboard patterns or switching the layout of the floor from a regular square pattern to a diamond pattern. These simple and unique design changes can make entrance ways pop or rooms look magnificent.

If a DIY project is not the quality you are looking for or perhaps the job is to big, there are contractors who specialize in this art the layout of ceramic floor tiles in specific and unique patterns and in some cases allowing you to design your own floor. Of course services like these come with a price tag, as with any custom jobs.

Some artisans take weeks to finish designs and are very particular about their work as this is going to be embodied for a lifetime and be a memory to their craft. Popular designs of ceramic floor tile art often include diamond bordered boxes, and large star bursts in a multicolour tile pattern.


Ceramic floor tiles are often used today in many households and were less popular in prior years as they were often cold to the touch. Most ceramic floor tiles were laid in kitchens bathrooms and entrances. Today they are used throughout entire homes. With the installation of under floor-heating, and the complaint of cold tiles are no longer and in fact the tiles are now part of a whole home heating solution.

Ceramic Floor tiles are now becoming much less expensive because of the new found popularity and are much stronger and long lasting than vinyl floor tiles as well vinyl cannot be used in a whole home heating solution as a ceramic tile can.

With ceramic floor tiles located throughout the whole house many people have found the need to change the regular bland everyday square patterns and spice up the look of their home. Some extra money spent on a major part of the home that is to be looked at everyday for years is a small price to pay for many whom consider their home to be their castle.

The Right Way to Pick Hanging Lamp

Hanging lamp patterns and styles come in various forms and are made from a combination of materials. Price will depend on the components and material such as bronze, brass and iron. All models basically hang from the ceiling and are mounted, built-in or plugged. These can be made from metal, plastic, wood with other components like glass and ceramic.

The types of shades or sconces will also differ such as wicker and stained glass. A hanging swag lamp is a typical design which features the lamp hanging by a cord, spring or chain. Hanging Tiffany lamps are also popular featuring a very unique design with good combination of colors and patterns.

Compared to traditional models, a hanging lamp provides you with the opportunity of added space, better illumination and a centerpiece. You get to have more floor space and by placing the lighting fixture overhead, more room area is brightened up which also saves more energy. Some people find that investing in an attractive piece like a Tiffany lamp creates a nice ambiance without needing to add other large and expensive decorations. Swag lamps can be adjusted to any height and is very functional as a reading light.

Choosing the Right Hanging Lamp

You need to determine the total area of the room first to ensure that the hanging lamp’s size will be proportionate to the space. Check the shade especially traits like the transparency so that you get to illuminate important areas of the room. You may have to change the bulb wattage depending on your needs. A larger hanging lamp is recommended provided that it also has the right material, color and pattern that matches your area.

Also consider how you are going to install the lamp. Can your ceiling accommodate it properly? Some models feature several bulbs or sconces. You may want to take out a few bulbs to save more energy without compromising illumination. A good choice would be a hanging lamp that is functional, economical and aesthetic at the same time. Upon purchasing, check that all components are complete such as screws, hooks, chains, plug, wires, instruction manual, etc.