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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Applying A Portable Flowmeter Benefits

Transit time enable portable flow meters to measure relatively clean fluids with low to moderate aeration accurately. These meters operate by comparing the time for an ultrasonic signal to travel with the flow against the time for an ultrasonic signal to travel against the flow. By measuring the downstream time versus the upstream time you can get a proportional measurement of the flow. A portable flowmeter is a unit that has two clamps on it that attach to the pipe and send the signal.

The portable flowmeter will convert the information to the flow rate and total flow. By mounting the transducers on the outside of the pipe, a portable flowmeter is able to measure the data without having to go into the pipe. This is a huge advantage over the more invasive methods of having to actually cutting into the pipe.

Magmeters, vortex meters, and turbine flow meters have immense down time for installation and can contaminate a system. A portable flowmeter does the same job with no risk of these things happening. There is no pressure drop, no moving parts, and no risk of leaks. Once in place, a portable flowmeter is completely maintenance free.

The other huge advantage of using a portable flowmeter is that it can be moved from site to site and be used to measure different parts of the pipe. Traditional flow meters do not offer this advantage. In addition, a portable flowmeter is at least if not more accurate than the alternative methods. The reason for this is simple; it does not change the active system in any way while it is in operation.

Hopefully this has helped to give you an idea of what a portable flowmeter can do for you. The only way to really see how useful these tools are is to get one for yourself and try it out. Luckily for the most part the tools are not that expensive and can measure a wide variety of pipes.

Things You Need To Know about Tile Saw

If you had come across renovation projects, you should be aware that there are numerous types of tiles that require specific tools to cut them, for several different purposes. The main intention of these tools is to cut the tile into the desired shape or pattern without shattering or chipping them. According to the tile saw reviews, at times you can get away by using a tile nipper without a heavy-duty cutting appliance. The nippers, however, are not appropriate to be used for cutting large-sized tiles. If you encounter the need to move large pieces of tiles then you probably need more professional tools.

Most of the time, you will find it easy to cut a straight piece of tile by scoring a tile along the tile then break it off through the score line. Nevertheless, if the shape is a curvy line or a roundish pattern to fit into door or pipe edges then you would need a suitable tile cutting tool. This is because the simple scoring and breaking the tile will not result in these multi-directional cuts. A wet tile saw is best to be used here where chances of it shattering your tiles are at the least.

Having the right tools can certainly enhanced your renovation work and make things way easier. The moment you have all your tiles perfectly custom-fit into the shapes of your edges and corners, you can have flawless flooring upon adhering them onto the floor. If you are doubtful of which tile saw to purchase, it is advisable that you browse through some tile saw reviews to obtain a comprehensive idea of the products.


Things You Need Consider about Bathroom Scales

# Precision of measurement and reading : This is the most important factor that you should seriously look upon. Unless of course your bathroom scale offers you an accurate measurement and you may study the weight measured properly as well, your whole goal of purchasing a scale is lost. When it comes to weight measurement accuracy, the traditional scales are not efficient as compared to the modern electronic scales available today. The precision factor is way increased in electronic ones – they are able to measure properly even at the level of a gram. Normally, the traditional scales do not give a precise reading as compared to modern ones. Also, the precision of rendering the weight measured is better for digital scales since they present the exact reading to the user, not necessitating the individual measuring the weight to carry out any decryption of the needle deviation.

# Wireless network interface and plug-in : The modern bathroom scales integrate easily with wireless networks. It is quite simple and easy for you to store a string of weights that you take over days, weeks or months on your scale, and even then shift the weights and the report to your mobile phone or laptop or computer using the wireless network. You can even print your report out from the device, connecting to your printer.

# Weight measurement range : One should also know what range of weight can be measured by the scales accurately. Digital scales are yet again better than traditional ones in this context – they are usually capable of measuring heavier weights with larger perfection.

# raceful aging : Get a scale that grows older gracefully. The issue with traditional scales is that the spring loosens slowly, and as a result the measurement becomes more and more imprecise when the machine age grows. Electronic bathroom scales fare much better.

# Looks : The modern digital scales are designed to look great. The old days, when a bathroom scale would be kept at a dark corner of the house or in the bathroom, are gone. Since the modern electronic bathroom scales look elegant, you just cant restrict it to your bathroom, but can place it in your living as well. The new-look scale, remarkably, enhances the decorations of your home.