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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Effective Way to Use Free Space at Home

You might not realise it but you probably have more space than you think, you just don’t know how to use it effectively. Re-organising the house and choosing the right storage solution can solve this problem and get your home in order. A few simple ideas to consider that won’t break the bank involve drawers or boxes fitted underneath beds, converting attic space to store items safely, building an outhouse or shed, and adding shelves under the stairs.

Kids bedrooms are always a pain as they go in there, trash it and then leave all the tidying up to you! There are some great storage ideas for children’s rooms and a clever way to get them into helping is by investing in some colourful plastic storage boxes where toys can just be thrown in and tidy-up time takes next to no time. You can even get plastic boxes to co-ordinate with the rooms.

Drawers under beds can hold a lot of items and don’t take up any extra space, or if your child is old enough for a loft bed then get it fitted with a workbench underneath and use it to store their belongings in. Hanging shelves are always useful and come with a variety of bracket styles. If you use wall-mounted units with adjustable shelves then as the child gets older the height of the shelving can be adjusted to grow with them.

The garage space is also an extra space that is often wasted, everything seems to get thrown in there but then either gets forgotten about or can’t be found when needed! Fitting practical shelving and storage units means you can store lots of larger items as well as park your car, and it can be organized very quickly. Transferring larger items, or those not used often, to the garage will free up a lot of space inside the house making it less cluttered and easier to keep tidy.

Use your garage to hang larger items on the walls – surfboards, ladders, power tools and sports can be stored out of harms way and are less likely to get damaged. Left lying around on the floor or in a corner they could easily be tripped over or turned into a plaything for bored children.

Most garages are large enough for a small workbench and shelving units to be fitted at the back, hang your power tools here for convenience and safety. Other items can be put away in plastic boxes and shelved keeping everything organized, label the boxes and you’ll never lose anything again. There are lots of larger items we collect when we have a family that just get in the way inside the house – kids bikes, BBQ equipment, gardening tools, and patio furniture – pack them safely away until the weather is fine again.

Effective storage can turn your garage space into a quality workspace and harmless area as you remove tools and other items left lying around to safer locations. Leaving sharp tools and other expensive equipment within easy reach is just asking for trouble. Also remember to keep potentially dangerous items such as fertilizer and weed killers away from anywhere they can be picked up by young children, either on a very high shelf is advised or preferably locked away in a storage cupboard.

You can also incorporate various sized plastic boxes and bins into the home for clearing clutter and making more space. There’s a huge selection available in all shapes and sizes, from colourful stack n’ nest boxes and tray stackers to strong polypropylene boxes with snap shut lids and small containers for screws and bolts.


Mistakes To Avoid when Installing Wall Sconces

The most common mistake in wall sconce installation is failing to identify the appropriate height for placement. It is suggested that wall sconces be placed 66″-78″ above the floor to prevent them from being bumped or scratched. If placed above the bed as a reading light, make sure to mount the fixture 30″ above the mattress. If you are placing your sconces lower than what’s recommended, be sure that you are using flush-to-wall sconces. Also take into consideration the optimal height at which the shade offers the most protection from the glare of the bulb. If multiple sconces are being installed, they should lie 6′-8′ apart for the best aesthetic balance.

Be mindful of the other elements in the room where your sconces are placed. Do you foresee a change in dè(c)cor or style in the later future? If so, you may want to select sconces that compliment traditional and contemporary styles of dè(c)cor. Assess the surrounding furnishings. If you’re one who frequently rearranges furniture, be sure you install your sconces in a place that allows you to be flexible with layouts and design.

Another common mistake in selecting wall sconces is size consideration. When choosing wall sconces, keep in mind the distance from the sconce to where people will most likely be standing. The further the distance, the larger the sconce can be. For example, you wouldn’t be standing as close to a sconce hung on either side of a garage door as you would a sconce hung on either side of a bathroom mirror, so a sconce selected for the exterior of your home would be much larger than one selected for the interior.

Wall sconces can pull together the other design elements of your home while playing up the best features of a room. Combining wall sconces with other forms of lighting diminishes shadows and provides optimal general and task lighting.


Guide to Pick Accent Lamps For Your Garden

Before you decide on what kind of accent lamps you will use on your garden, you need to first take a look at the size of your garden. If you have a relatively small rock garden, you may want to consider getting small lights and hide them behind some of the rocks. Placing small accent lights in strategic places in your rock garden can make the place look bigger than it actually is.

On the other hand, if you have a big garden and you have plenty of space for everything, you might want to place around a little bit when it comes accent lamps. Be more creative and adventurous. For instance, you may consider putting oil accent lamps in your garden and give it a nice twist of the ancient world. Find some oil accent lamps that are made of pots or metallic crafts and install them in your garden.

Just make sure that the lamp base of your oil accent lamp is planted securely on the ground to prevent it from toppling over. Moreover, you should make sure that you put out all the flames before you leave your garden at night. You don’t really want to accidentally set your garden on fire and ruin it.

If you are more inclined toward contemporary accent lamps, consider using solar lighting on your garden. There are many uniquely designed solar lamps being sold in the market today. The good thing about these solar lamps is that they are energy efficient and they are friendly to the environment. What’s the catch? Solar lightings are a bit more expensive compared to other types of lightings. However, the good news is that solar lightings are durable so you will not need to replace them ever so often.

Consider the Overall Lay-out of Your Garden

You need to make sure that your accent lamps fit into the overall lay-out of your garden. No, you cannot just install any types of lightings in your garden. If you really want your garden to look relaxing at night, you need to make sure that your lightings do not contrast with the overall lay-out of the place.