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Guide to Pick Accent Lamps For Your Garden

Before you decide on what kind of accent lamps you will use on your garden, you need to first take a look at the size of your garden. If you have a relatively small rock garden, you may want to consider getting small lights and hide them behind some of the rocks. Placing small accent lights in strategic places in your rock garden can make the place look bigger than it actually is.

On the other hand, if you have a big garden and you have plenty of space for everything, you might want to place around a little bit when it comes accent lamps. Be more creative and adventurous. For instance, you may consider putting oil accent lamps in your garden and give it a nice twist of the ancient world. Find some oil accent lamps that are made of pots or metallic crafts and install them in your garden.

Just make sure that the lamp base of your oil accent lamp is planted securely on the ground to prevent it from toppling over. Moreover, you should make sure that you put out all the flames before you leave your garden at night. You don’t really want to accidentally set your garden on fire and ruin it.

If you are more inclined toward contemporary accent lamps, consider using solar lighting on your garden. There are many uniquely designed solar lamps being sold in the market today. The good thing about these solar lamps is that they are energy efficient and they are friendly to the environment. What’s the catch? Solar lightings are a bit more expensive compared to other types of lightings. However, the good news is that solar lightings are durable so you will not need to replace them ever so often.

Consider the Overall Lay-out of Your Garden

You need to make sure that your accent lamps fit into the overall lay-out of your garden. No, you cannot just install any types of lightings in your garden. If you really want your garden to look relaxing at night, you need to make sure that your lightings do not contrast with the overall lay-out of the place.