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Mistakes To Avoid when Installing Wall Sconces

The most common mistake in wall sconce installation is failing to identify the appropriate height for placement. It is suggested that wall sconces be placed 66″-78″ above the floor to prevent them from being bumped or scratched. If placed above the bed as a reading light, make sure to mount the fixture 30″ above the mattress. If you are placing your sconces lower than what’s recommended, be sure that you are using flush-to-wall sconces. Also take into consideration the optimal height at which the shade offers the most protection from the glare of the bulb. If multiple sconces are being installed, they should lie 6′-8′ apart for the best aesthetic balance.

Be mindful of the other elements in the room where your sconces are placed. Do you foresee a change in dè(c)cor or style in the later future? If so, you may want to select sconces that compliment traditional and contemporary styles of dè(c)cor. Assess the surrounding furnishings. If you’re one who frequently rearranges furniture, be sure you install your sconces in a place that allows you to be flexible with layouts and design.

Another common mistake in selecting wall sconces is size consideration. When choosing wall sconces, keep in mind the distance from the sconce to where people will most likely be standing. The further the distance, the larger the sconce can be. For example, you wouldn’t be standing as close to a sconce hung on either side of a garage door as you would a sconce hung on either side of a bathroom mirror, so a sconce selected for the exterior of your home would be much larger than one selected for the interior.

Wall sconces can pull together the other design elements of your home while playing up the best features of a room. Combining wall sconces with other forms of lighting diminishes shadows and provides optimal general and task lighting.