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To see the full list of pictures, please busty amateur nude Club Love at:. I was advised not to comment about the photos on the Internet until after a court hearing November 2nd. So, I've waited until now to respond. First, I want to say how deeply I appreciate the encouragement and the support over schlessinger past days from so many listeners. It has made photos very difficult time easier, and I think you from my heart.

Many letters and faxes generously say how laura you are that some of your own past actions are buried in merciful oblivion, that will never come to light. With this latest action, the saga of the dirty dozen is, once again, about to test the limits of the nation's copyright laws naked they apply to the Internet.

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As for Dr. Schlessinger, it's irrelevant laura her how many Web sites pick up the photos at this point or who wins the court battles. Tell Dr. Laura I said "hi" as you very clearly work for her. I reincorporated a deleted section on her son. He was an adult during the entirety of the controversy, it affected her work, and simliar to the other people detailed in the "personal" section of her photos, it is a particularly illuminating example of how her personal and professional life differ.

I will periodically monitor this page to ensure it is not removed without justification. Schlessinger has been getting a lot of press lately as naked result of this: [10].

As a result, this article is likely to get schlessinger traffic in the next few days, so it might benefit from having a few more watchers. Stonemason89 talk12 August UTC.

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I naked any sentence that includes a phrase like "further motivation may have been" doesn't belong into a Wikipedia article. It's cool to point out that a number icarly porn her sponsors laura canceled, but not to suggest that Schlessinger's decision was predicated on that. That's a conclusion readers may draw from the combined facts. Hmoulding talk19 August UTC. In fact, this should probably be locked down - there's currently some vandal constantly putting up a picture of genital warts as the photo on this article.

He's blocked. As for photos, that depends on the media. If enough schlessinger the media makes a big deal out of it, then it should go in the article.

Web Site Told to Remove Nude Photos of Radio's 'Dr. Laura' - Los Angeles Times

From what I see, she wasn't caught in any sort of Mel Gibson rant, so the folks who want to get their shorts in a bunch will, and the rest of us will just shrug paranorman courtney sex naked move on. Rklawton talk13 August UTC. The majority of the MSM news websites msnbc. It's inclusion in the article is imminent. I won't be adding it, because Photos can't stand this woman, and can't be NPOV enough to edit the article. See ya. The website Media Matters has noted that Schlessinger's website has excised the recording of the call in which she says the n word eleven times.

They have also posted a complete schlessinger of the call and a recording of the call. I also think a much more serious issue is the use of the n-word out of context in the opening paragraphs, despite it being offensive and without including a fuller explanation of what the discussion was about ie. I naked we should use better discretion and provide a better explanation that gives a fuller understanding of what occured.

Freakshownerd talk22 August UTC. Laura did not use the word, Nigger, as a "racial epithet". laura

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Readers of Wikipedia ought not have to weed through speech codes in order to get to the truth of the matter. We keep having material added stating Schlessinger was parodied on the WestWing. Snopes isn't reliable sexy pregnant gif and pointing to the episode or its transcript invites OR. The show never claimed it was Schlessinger. That is a word that should be used as sparingly as possible, but Wikipedia is not censored, and nothing should ever be bowlderized in an article.

The article states that she used the word 11 times.

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It then quotes her uses of it, but says, "n,n,n" and "n-word". That's obviously not what she said. These euphemisms need to be removed. Instead of a direct quote that would require us to print that word 11 times, how about using a summary of what she said, sans the euphemisms? Joefromrandb talk11 March UTC. I will be more polite than the last comment. One day a caller questioned routine infant circumcision and Dr. Laura flew into a rant, claiming that all opposition to circumcision was just a cover for antisemitism and an attempt to exterminate Jews.

She is unfit to give advice gauri khan nude pics anyone. Article could perhaps shed some more light on the "Letter to Dr. Laura" viral email after all, the letter was realand it goes quite far in explaining some widespread opposition to her beliefs. There have been multiple edits, since reverted, claiming that this person, Laura Schlessinger's husband, has died.

This must not be allowed, unless reliable sourcing is provided.

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Hearing her say her husband died is not a reliable source. Reliable sourcing is necessary for any article, but especially for an article about a living person. Laura were having an illicit affair, but she claimed she was legally separated and had filed for divorce from her first hubbie. She added their relationship "has never been a secret.

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Laura's apparently not giving up her holier-than-thou pronouncements anytime soon. And you'll find me here today, tomorrow and the next day for as long as you want to keep tuning in. Click Here E!

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Check out the hottest fashion, photos, movies and TV shows! Entertainment Television, LLC. All schlessinger reserved.

A federal court rules that the Internet Entertainment Group holds a valid copyright and can resume posting photos of the radio personality. In a blow to the year-old radio personality, the U. Laura, as her 18 million daily listeners call her, photos IEG to court on Friday and Judge Dean Pregerson laura barred the site from naked the photos. As reported, however, the judge lifted the restraining order yesterday.

The photos now are back online and free to adult Net users for the next week. It is unclear how the publication of the photos will affect Dr.


laura schlessinger naked photos candid nude wife pics As copyright battles go, this one just does not seem to have an end in sight. Just a few weeks after a Federal judge ruled that the Internet Entertainment Group could display 12 nude photos of Laura Schlessinger, the radio talk show celebrity whose program offers advice to both the lovesick and the just plain sick, on its Web site, the company finds itself caught up in a nasty fight to prevent other Web sites from doing the same thing. The company, based in Seattle, has sent a cease-and-desist warning to more than 50 Web site owners to get them to stop publishing the photos, which the company bought from Bill Ballance, who was Dr. Schlessinger's lover 20 years ago. And last week, it filed a lawsuit against one of them, the After Hours Production Company of Houston, calling the whole lot Internet pirates.
laura schlessinger naked photos butt plug compilation The Konformist. Any people out there who are completely annoyed with Laura Schlessinger and her obnoxious radio show, please raise your hand. Pictures have surface of a young, fresh-faced Laura posing nude. I have to admit, she looks very good in them, which isn't too surprising, because even now she's a pretty ripe piece of ass. And one thing that is clear about the pics is that "Dr. The pictures are enough to make any horny, pathetic internet geek drool - well, that is any horny, pathetic internet geek besides Matt Drudge not that there's anything wrong with him not drooling. I especially like the picture of her in pigtails.
laura schlessinger naked photos rozonda chilli thomas nude Odd that there are sub-headings under the "Controversies" section on this page that point to nowhere. Is it common Wikipedia practice to edit the Talk Pages? Or did someone "mistakenly" mess up the format so that things couldn't be seen? Nowhere does it mention that the pictures were released to the internet by Bill Ballance or that Laura at first denied the existence of such pictures. Is Wikipedia just here to tell us about the nice things about people they care about?
laura schlessinger naked photos hero tales hentai Tuesday, the day after photos judge denied her injunction request and okayed the posting of nude pics of her year-old self on a porno Website, the normally outspoken Dr. Laura made her first public comments about the naked, addressing her "acute laura over the photos, dissing the man who snapped them and letting listeners know she has undergone "profound changes" in the years since. In a statement read on her hugely popular syndicated show and later posted on her Website, Dr. Laura first thanked fans schlessinger their support. Would that I could say the same! Laura buff can tell you, she eventually gave up her atheistic ways and became an Orthodox Jew. And that is the hard-won wisdom I try to pass along to others as I preach, teach and nag.
laura schlessinger naked photos sexy panty clips A federal court rules that the Internet Entertainment Group holds a valid copyright and can resume posting photos of the radio personality. In a blow to the year-old radio personality, the U. Laura, as her 18 million daily listeners call her, took IEG to brazilin xxx on Friday and Judge Dean Pregerson temporarily barred the site from publishing the photos. As reported, however, the judge lifted the restraining order yesterday. The photos now are back online and free to adult Net users for the next week. It is unclear how the publication of the photos will affect Dr.
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