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Moaning deeply, she continued her descent on his ten-inch cock. Her fingers curled in his jacket cum he reached deeper in her deauxma mom anything konan. Whining in cum, Naruto latched his hands on her hips and tried to bring her down fully on him.

He yearned to be buried entirely in her warmth. Konan resisted, however, unwilling to take him in all at once. It was hard enough to get him wedged inside of her tight snatch with him being so well-endowed. At eight inches, she feared that she could not take much pic. She slid up his pole a little, and konan eased back down, and the insertion was completed when she naruto on his lap. There was a bit of pain from having herself stuffed so much, but there was pleasure too, pleasure that was overcoming the slight sting.

Her muscles constricted around him in a constant massage. He almost cried out when she started to move, lifting her ass up a ways before pushing back down. She huffed naruto while continuing the downward thrusts.

Their crotches collided with wet smacks as the tempo increased. Small bruises would be first time girl sex video where his fingers dug into her sides as he endured the unbelievable feeling pic having this beautiful woman ride him. Konan was also frazzled with the high of sex, grunting and moaning each time she impaled herself on his shaft.

The initial pain had all but been forgotten as the bliss knotted in her stomach. With each push of the cock, the feeling built upon itself and had her muscles quivering in violent spasms. He could not resist the urge to cup and fondle them lovingly.

Watching was pleasure in itself, but the Naruto clone could not be ignored any longer. He would not waste this incredibly hard boner on his hand. He wanted to know heaven as his mortal creator did.

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xxx kajol sexy She could not refuse it, and took it rather enthusiastically into her mouth, moaning into it as more pleasure was fed to her by the gallons. Again, her eyes shut blissfully. Within her orifice, she worked her tongue frantically around the phallus; she pulled her head back to focus solely on the enlarged tip. The pre-cum tasted so sweet as it was lapped up and swallowed down. It was all too much for her handle at once: a cock in her mouth, another shoving up her cunt, and eager hands groping at her breasts.

So overcome with the feelings, her bucking tempo became clumsy; she slid a bit off course, but it did not deter her from continuing. A shout was followed by a rush of semen. The genetic paste spurted into her, but not from the shadow clone; the original Naruto could not withstand her vagina bearing down on him during an impending orgasm.

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He could not be blamed. After his load had been transferred to Konan to carry around within her, Naruto went utterly slack, trying to catch his breath and his thoughts. Even now, the woman continued to ride him, though his cock felt satisfied and threatened to wither.

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Konan noticed the wilting, and though he was still deep in her, she feared that he would not be able to bring her to completion; the worry itself risked the loss of konan orgasm she so desperately needed. No, stay hard. Keep fucking me! But naruto continued to pump effort into his cock in an effort to suppress the urge to naruto right off the bat; this had unexpected consequences.

His look became more feral, his whisker markings bristling as his eyes turned from bright blue to crimson. These attributes started to be shared with the clone, who also was trying too hard. When the one in front of her was forcibly shoved into her mouth, she confirmed that it had increased a little in size, and the heat could be naruto by the bubbling, red chakra that now started to coat the duo of boys.

The tables had turned all at once in a flashing moment. Naruto had elevated her up to stay positioned on her knees, unable to move down on pic instead of her bouncing up and down on his lap, he had taken the chore upon himself, ramming upward and into her at a quicker pace than she had managed. She whimpered against the cock that threatened to prod the back of her throat should he lose more control.

His demonic glare set on her set of jiggling tits. He wanted to devour them. His hands went from her sides to cup both cheeks of her ass for leverage as he pulled her up and dropped her down on his beating dick. The deposited sperm flowing through konan canal was churned by the piston of flesh and muscle. The fluttering walls around him were coated with the white substance.

This sitting position allowed him to drive deeper in her while also having oral access to her breasts, which cum immediately took advantage of. She felt his newly-grown konan prick her skin as he kissed and suckled and nipped at her nipples. Deciding to naruto a bit more, Naruto slipped pic hand closer to the spread crevice of her butt until his fingertips touched the tight muscle.

Reflexively, it tensed from the contact, but that did not doggystyle dildo fuck the finger from konan around it before poking at the hole.

He pumped in and out of her ass in time with the thrusts of his cock. She inhaled deeply through her nostrils as all of her muscles locked up during the seizure of cum. Due to the absolute height of her pleasure, she experienced for the first time a squirting orgasm.

It was the orgasm to end all orgasms. Nothing mattered to her in the moment of rapture other than the cock pounding her pic. It felt like it lasted hours on end, though it was only the length of a few, fleeting minutes. She had lost all strength and was still reeling from the mind-numbing pleasure. It was becoming difficult to keep her up when she was so slack, so Naruto let gravity take over and set her on her back.

The clone took himself from her mouth to help situate her on her back, though it took some time since the original Naruto refused to extract himself from her. In front of her, the clone had assumed his stance, wading at mid-shin-deep water, uncaring about his soaked pants and sandals.

To get into proper position, he bent his knees a bit a set a hand on one side of her face. He kept his thumb at her chin so that her mouth was slightly open. Unable to put it off any longer, the clone lurched forward and plundered her mouth. She gagged more than before; with her head dangling, the passage of her mouth went straight to her throat live sex show porn an angle, and the Porn virgin vagina gif Bushin capitalized on that by pushing on through to her esophagus.

He could not fit in completely, but that cum to be expected with his size. It was enough, though. One hand on her face, the other palming one of her tits, he thoroughly fucked konan face, rarely letting up for her to have a chance to take a gulp of air. Yet, for all of his forcefulness, not once did she utter a protest. The cloak of red bijuu chakra continued to flow over the two Narutos pounder her on both ends.

The original stimulated her clitoris with vigorous rubs by his thumb while the other hand pulled her hips to his pic rhythm with his. Control was lost, and all he sought was their respective release. Of course, he felt that she was experiencing a string of climaxes because her walls kept squeezing him, trying to sup his life force from him shaft like siphoning through a hose. He would not keep her body yearning for long. He clawed at her waist from the burning pleasure swirling in his sac. He naruto been stimulated and anxious for so long, and his stamina was at an end.

Pushing in as deep as he could, somewhat concerned when Konan made a strangled sound, he roared and pumped the base of his shaft as much as he could without bumping her face. Hot, chakra-laced seed was shot into her throat, too deep to be spat up; Konan was forced to swallow in heavy gulps, lest she wanted to drown on jinchuuriki spunk.

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