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mascots Was her outfit too scandalous? Rule went through a series of iterations, and ultimately, the team came up with a character design they felt best represented the excitement and energy of the company.

For 30 seconds, the two-dimensional secret agent leapt from city rooftops, warded off bad guys, and subtly touted the benefits of switching insurance policies. And for a brief moment in time, she was a perfect embodiment of everything the company wanted to stand for: agility, justice, wholesomeness. Fan letters poured in from young girls and their fathers, who were happy to see a powerful female role model on television. She became an iconic mascot and, inadvertently, a sex symbol for certain young men on the Internet. KathyPadilla September 27,am 7.

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Edit - the guy deserves his story. To be honest, this would work with practically all the pro mascots, and be equally creepy. Santa is just as offensive as the Phanatic. KathyPadilla September 27,am 7.

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Edit - the guy deserves his story. Sub-entries 1 total The Last Page of the Internet. Yotsuba Daioh!

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In rule projects Wikimedia Commons. So, Brewe turned to W! Progressive doesn't seem to be bothered at all by all the Flo pron there is out there.


rule 34 mascots asian babe gangbang So, Brewe turned to W! Progressive doesn't seem to be bothered at all by all the Flo pron there is out there. Maybe that's because very few guys want to see Flo nude Hold on. You mean you're not interested in daily updates on walkies or reviews of trips to Applebees???
rule 34 mascots li ming hentai Just waiting for beschizza 's eye-mouth 'shoops, though. I was trying to come up with a potential title, but Dr. Donnie-Two-Scoops, those mad-cap Jersey Shore kids, maybe Gritty… I believe that with hard work and dedication I can learn to accept and live peacefully among the orange but it is going to be an uphill battle. I think in fairness to the Flyers, Gritty is to hockey what the Phanatic is to baseball. Horrid Philly mascot Gritty photoshopped into the background of stock photos boing. KathyPadilla September 27,am 2. TheGreatParis September 27,am 3.
rule 34 mascots bonnie wright leaked If you watched TV in the mids, you probably saw Erin Esurance. Fitted in a leather catsuit and sporting a spunky pink haircut, the 2D-animated secret agent navigated her way through a variety of second national commercial spots. Designed to be hip, exciting, and fast-paced, Erin stood for everything Esurance believed in. Unfortunately, that demographic liked Erin so much that they made porn of her. Lots of porn. What lies ahead is a cautionary tale about what can happen to a corporate mascot when it is released into the wild free-for-all of the digital tundra. The voice actress of Erin Esurance poses with a cardboard cutout of the character.